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At Focus Followers we believe that no task is too tall and that all accounts have something to offer. You simply manage the content, while we create the opportunities for your page to reach its full potential. Whatever your niche may be, allow us to take your social media presence to new heights.

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By creating a constant flow of real traffic to your page, your posts will get the recognition they deserve with higher engagement rates and more Instagram followers than you would have ever imagined. We plant the seed and pave the way to gaining REAL Instagram followers with a genuine interest in what you do.

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Our system works by targeting users that we know will be genuinely interested in your content. We achieve this by working with you to generate a targeted list of users, who we then reach with our automated liking system. If the targeting is correct, you can be sure of boosted sales and stepping your Instagram followers to the next level.

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After payment you will be redirected to a page where we collect account and targeting information.


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Focus followers will help your page get a massive boost in engagement from other real people, interested in what you do.

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Hashtag Targeting

Only like images that are posted under certain hashtags. This helps to generate a super targeted type of engagement.

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Competitor Targeting

Target the followers of other users in your niche. This way you know the person will already be interested in similar content to your page, and likely to engage back.


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Location Targeting

Want to target people located in a certain location? We can use locations to target locals to your area!

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Superior Support

We provide the highest level of customer support and are always available to help you grow your Instagram following.

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Automate Liking

Automate the liking process, even while you sleep so your account can reach the maximum number of users daily.


  • I signed up for focus followers to kick start my online T-shirt printing store. My aim was to create a following which connected me with designers and create a customer base. I was delighted that the customer service team was so friendly and helpful & have now finally reached my goal.

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    Jason Cook

    Self Employed

  • Getting my photography noticed has been one of my biggest issues until I found Focus Followers. Now not only is it getting noticed but I'm also selling some prints through my online store I created, to people all over the world! Can't thank you enough guys, would recommend to anyone :)

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    Jess Harvey


  • Being a social media manager I have a responsibility to make sure my clients are getting the results they deserve. After getting better than expected results during the trial, I decided to use it for all of my clients. It has helped me grow my business by improving the service I provide.

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  • Having tried many Instagram automation services with my supplements company, nothing worked as well as Focus Followers. Many other company's supplied me with fake profiles and users that are made to look real, only damaging my profile. Great service and customer support.

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Why choose Focus Followers?

Our dedicated team believe that not all followers are equally valuable. The right following can increase engagement levels, create business opportunities & link you up with a like minded audience.

Our targeted approach to marketing your page ensures that followers are gained legitimately, and are not just another number. Whilst anyone can buy Instagram followers and have them sent instantly, they will never add the same value as real users with a genuine interest in your content. Instant followers are fake followers, what we provide is a consistent flow of real and relevant followers.

We happily provide extensive support, so you gain the right followers for whatever your goal may be. Whether you're looking to gain brand recognition or just expand your social presence, Focus Followers will work with you to achieve your desired outcome.