Analytics for Instagram

Analytics for Instagram
By James |

Digging deep into the stats of your Instagram account might seem a little boring, but Instagram analytics are well worth the trouble if you’re trying to promote your business or just love seeing those numbers get sky high. Gone are the days where you could just throw up your favorite pictures and hope for hoards of followers to appear. These days you’ve got a whole lot more competition, and many users that simply won’t follow you because it makes their follower/following ratio look bad. So here’s some tips on how to analyze your Instagram activity and tweak your habits for better results.

There are many services which provide detailed reports on your activity for a reasonably small cost, and others which can be used for free but may not have the same amount of information available. Instagram does have a free analytics tool, however you will need business account which requires a registration process to access.

When looking at the stats, there’s quite a few different things you may not have thought about in your day to day use. Here’s some of the key metrics which you’ll want to know about, and what they tell you.


Probably the easiest thing to keep track of, as we usually notice when we’ve gained or lost a follower (it’s devastating). Looking at this info over time give you the ability to track any spikes in gained or lost followers over a period of time. You can then take this information and start looking for what happened during that period, what caused the spike?


This can be a great indicator of what kinds of posts are hitting the mark. If you’re following the same methods on each post but one is performing a great deal better, you’ll have learnt something very important. Give the people what they want and they’ll come back for more.


They’re not just words describing your image, but a method of expanding your reach and making your posts more accessible to other users. You want to find out which ones are working for you and continue to use those. When you find the right tags for your style of content, it’s worth creating a list for yourself to keep that extra traffic coming through. This will lead to more followers & higher engagement.


Much the same as ‘likes’, this will indicate which posts are more appealing than others and what your viewers are responding to. The comments themselves will indicate how much interest somebody has in your post, but the numbers will show how many have felt the need to go one step further than a click on the thumbs up. The more comments the better, try to respond to these to create more loyal fans.

Posting times

Find out what time of day you get the best reaction from your followers by checking out when your engagement levels are highest. Post images at different times to see which results are better and continue to post at the best times to ensure your content gets seen more often. There’s no point posting when everyone’s at work, you want the post to be at the top of news feeds when they sit down to relax and have a scroll through events of the day.

Follower engagement

This relates to specific followers who love what you do and follow you closely. They’ll be the first to recommend you to friends if you treat them right. Find out which of your followers have a tendency to like or comment on your content on a regular basis, and ensure that you make them feel important. When these users comment on a photo it’s a good idea to respond, nobody likes to be ignored and this will only strengthen their loyalty


This one will give you an idea of the hype surrounding your account. Ever wondered if anyone is talking about your page in the Instagram world? If you have, you’re not alone. The more people talk about your account, the more others will want to see it.

These are all very important elements to keep in mind when posting. At the end of the day you’re content will set you apart from your competition, but there’s no point in putting in the hard yards for the perfect picture if it’s not getting viewed. Some of the most popular Instagram analytics services currently available for these kinds of metrics are Iconosquare and Simply Measured. You can also take advantage of Instagram’s own free analytics tool Insights, however this is only available to business accounts and does require you to go through a registration process.

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