Boost sales using your Instagram page

get more instagram followers and boost sales using Instagram
By James |

If used for business purposes Instagram has the reach and influence to open a world of prospects for any brand. This fact can be further established by the fact that many people term Instagram as the ‘King of Social engagement’, placing its outreach far above that of Facebook and Twitter.

To boost your customers using the wide reach of Instagram, you need to understand some focal points.

Identify your goals and create a strategy

This is the first step to ensure all your efforts put in to create an Instagram account for your customers do not go to waste. Identifying your goals puts you ten steps closer to success.

Build your Instagram brand to attract and hold more customers

Instagram is a visual platform. The more striking your post is, the more engaged your customers will be. Ensuring that you are using a particular stylized aesthetic for each of your posts will make it a staple for all your posts. Using the same filter or a set of filters for all posts is the perfect way to make a statement. Viewers will be able to look and recognize your posts. Just ensure that every post is original and intended for the right type of customers.

Utilizing the app: A recognisable name, engaging bio and profile picture

A recognisable username used throughout all your social media outlets is the surest way to ensure easy recognition by the customers of your brand. With an accurate and engaging bio your customers will be able to discover and refer to you easily.

Just like your profile name, the profile photo should also be very representative of your brand. In a visual platform like Instagram, it will ensure easy detection and recognition.

Post and engage

Ensure that each of your posts is high quality and follows your particular Instagram style. As your customers will be viewing your posts from a wide variety of mobile devices, a high-quality image with high dimensions is integral to your brand image.

Prompt notifications for prompt Customers

Enable all your notifications so whenever a potential customer likes/ comments or follows you, you can respond promptly. Customer engagement is pivotal in building a community. Notifications serve to bring to your attention any and all activities carried out using your brands name. A simple thanks for any tagging of your brand on a post by a customer, or sharing of a customer post will go a long way in bringing in more customer engagement.

Notifications ensure that you don’t ignore or overlook or miss any comments or likes from potential customers.

Follow other users and form collaborations

A good way to increase exposure is to follow and engage with other leaders in your niche. Identify the top accounts and hashtags in your industry and engage in these posts. Also, form alliances with other popular ‘Instagramers’ in your niche. This will enable you to tap into more Instagram followers while promoting your brand to newer markets.

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