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How to get active Instagram followers fast
By James |

Increasing engagement rates on Instagram can be quite easy, however it is also very easy to get it wrong and leave your audience with a sour look on their face! This may lead to them clicking that un-follow button or spreading the wrong message to your audience which can really damage your image.

If you don’t know how to get active Instagram followers fast, don’t stress, you’re not alone! Chances are you probably want to speed up the progress and see quick results. Here’s a few tips to get you on the right track.

Ask your Instagram followers questions in photo descriptions

An easy and obvious way to build some engagement is to post questions in your photo descriptions. As long as the questions are related to your brand or niche then you should stir up some engagement. Keep your main keywords close to the start of the comment as Instagram cuts off the text after a few lines, so you really need to draw the user’s attention in at the beginning.

Create your own brand hashtag

Using hashtags is essential to creating more engagement, and it’s super easy. Creating your own brand specific hashtag can be useful for many reasons, including;

– Starting a hashtag competition
– Promoting a new product
– Good place for followers to get in touch with others in the community

Before getting started make sure to complete the following steps.

Look up your competitors, see how they’re doing it. Check available names and make sure you don’t pick a word that others are already using, otherwise you could end up with a confusing feed

Make sure you choose a hashtag name that is easy for people to remember. Keep it to 1-2 words so it won’t be forgotten.

Promote your hashtag in all of your photos, on all of your social media networks. Promote it on your blog and in any other advertising platforms you may be using. The more people you can reach out to, the better.

Keep up to date with users who are posting photos underneath your hashtag. Follow them back or comment on their photos to make them feel loved. Chances are they’ll continue using your hashtag and sharing with friends. You can also use an Instagram analytics tool to track the progress of your hashtag as well as statistics about people posting under it.

Respond to comments quickly

Make sure to respond quickly to any comment from potential customers, as they may be inquiring before purchasing your product. A delayed comment could see the user move onto one of your competitors.

Be quick to respond to comments, and make sure you don’t miss any or you could be getting a bad rep.

Start a competition or giveaway

Running a competition or giving away a product can be an excellent way of increasing engagement and even growing new Instagram followers. There’s endless types of competitions you can run, just be creative. Here’s a few to get you started:

– Post an image with ‘#brand’
After creating your brand hashtag you can run a competition allowing users to post any image of their own to your hashtag feed. The winner gets their image posted on your account or wins a prize.

– Re-post your image (photo of product/prize) to win
Choose a product you want to promote, take an amazing photo of it and ask users entering the competition to re-post your image on their timeline, tagging your account so that all of their followers will see it. Everyone who does this is entered into the competition and you can randomly choose a winner. Post a picture on your feed about the winner to further promote the item and gain engagement.

– Leave a comment with your email to win a prize
This is a great way to collect an email list through your Instagram page. Start a competition, perhaps for the chance to be featured on your page or win a prize. Ask all users to comment on your image, leaving their email address. Add all the emails to your mailing list and choose a winner at random.

If you have any terms for the giveaway make sure you make them clear, as you don’t want to deceive any of your followers.

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