Gain more Instagram followers using hashtags wisely

Gain more Instagram followers using hashtags wisely
By James |

Many new users on the Instagram platform find ‘hashtags’ irritating, terming it as ‘useless garbage at the end of the post to confuse me!!!’. But as they start to understand how Instagram works, they learn the true value of hashtags and how it can gain more Instagram followers for their profile.

While a casual Instagram user, who uses the app to post everyday pics for family and friends, may underestimate the power of this function; for business and brands, hashtags are indispensable.

Benefits of using hashtags

To take full advantage of hashtags; first, you need to understand their importance.

• Hashtags make your posts more visible to a targeted audience
• The right use of hashtags in relevant posts makes gaining a targeted audience for your posts much effective and easier
• Hashtag use gains more visits hence more popularity, and consequently more customers and sales
• It is one of the most readily used tools to facilitate improved audience participation.

Hashtags for everyone

All these benefits may seem like they are targeted towards the corporate sector, however average users also benefit tremendously from it. Relevant hashtags make viewing your routine posts more visible in specific hashtag searches hence making them more popular. This, of course, results in more followers and likes!

Tips to intelligently use hashtags

Now that we understand the importance of hashtags, let’s view a few crucial tips on how to use hashtags more effectively in your posts.

Identify the most popular tags in relevant posts

Before you start adding tags to your post from the top of your head, pause. Do a little survey of all the most popular and ‘relevant’ tags that fit your niche.

Identify tags your competitors and industry leaders are using

Take a little look-see at the tags that your competitors, as well as, other leaders of your niche are using. They are obviously using them for a reason, not just decoration.

Use of popular tags vs. niche tags

Once you have established a few popular tags you want to use, start into relatively obscure niche hashtags. As hashtags have a life, the more popular ones will expire more quickly, leaving behind your niche tags to do the job.

Most popular tags like ‘#love’, ‘#beautiful’, ‘#travel’ usually have millions of posts attached to them. These provide your posts position in popularly explored posts, but unless your post garners enough likes and views, they disappear quickly. Selecting niche tags with fewer posts listed in them will give your post longevity, as well as exclusiveness.

Create a healthy balance of popular, niche and your own hashtags

While overusing hashtags is not ideal, sometimes it can be necessary. When inserting hashtags, use the most popular ones first, as they expire quickly, then include the niche hashtags, holding fewer posts hence making them last much longer. You can also include your own novel hashtags if you want.

Using these tips is a great way to learn about how to use hashtags properly and will assist in your profile gaining more Instagram followers.

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