Gaining Instagram followers and new customers for companies big and small

Gaining Instagram Followers
By James |

Instagram offers one of the biggest opportunities for businesses to increase their customer base and overall following of their brand, so why are the majority of companies not using it to their advantage?

Instagram’s high engagement rates (in comparison to other social media networks) and new “stories” & “shop-able photos” make it easier for companies to leverage the platform, whether using paid advertising or other cheaper marketing strategies.

Here’s a few reasons why you would be crazy to not be using Instagram to grow your brand.

Instagram’s Shoppable Photos

Recently Instagram have rolled out a new feature allowing a select (and lucky) 20 retailers to tag their images with products, and if clicked on will open a description on the product followed by a “Shop Now” button that will send the user straight to their website where they can purchase the product directly.

There’s no word on when this will be available publicly, nor if it will be free or paid however this will be a great tool in helping grow your sales and client base.

Instagram Stories

As Instagram bases their platform around the fact that they are ‘in the moment’, they have released a new feature that captures users posts and displays them for 24 hours only, encouraging users to post more often about what they’re doing at that time. This could be used wisely for company’s promoting their products. This feature is not being used to its full potential by most businesses and therefore they aren’t gaining Instagram followers as fast as they could be. .

Ability to target your competitors customers

If an Instagram account is set to public it’s possible to view a list of all of their Instagram followers, simply by clicking on it. This is a big advantage for companies looking to find new customers or even in gaining Instagram followers, as you know that most people that follow your competitor are potentially a big fan or even buyer of their products.

You can go through the list and send a message or even throw a simple like or follow to users you think look like they may be interested in your product, in the hope that they will see your like,comment or follow and engage back with you and potentially visiting your website and making a purchase.

Post and engage

Ensure that each of your posts is high quality and follows your particular Instagram style. As your customers will be viewing your posts from a wide variety of mobile devices, a high-quality image with high dimensions is integral to your brand image.

Using hashtag feeds to locate potential clients in your area

If your a retailer with or without a shopfront, or even have a product that’s too expensive to ship internationally it’s essential to find local customers.

If you do some research and find a bunch of hashtags that are used locally, for example #newyork #losangeles, or even find companies that have their own hashtag who are also located in your city or country, you’ll be able to target the users posting the images, as you know they’re also located in the area. You can also target likers and commenters of the images as the chances are they’ll also be located locally.

Using a mix of these new features and tips will help your company, big or small generate more sales or website traffic and also help in gaining Instagram followers that are local to you!

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