Getting more Instagram likes on your images

Getting more Instagram likes
By James |

The most common feature in all social media networks is the quest of enticing their users to get more likes. The major incentive of sharing posts containing images and videos of personal moments, life victories, spiritual leanings as well as sad or hilarious images is to incite strong emotions, and consequently, a reaction in the form of a like or comment is exactly what we want.

Getting a few hundred or even a few thousand likes for a post, from among 500 million users, does not sound like much of a big deal. But just in case you were wondering, it is!

The Reigning Queen of Instagram

Out of those 500 million users, 102 million follow the most followed person on Instagram dubbed ‘The Queen of Instagram’, an American actress/ singer Selena Gomez. Her most ‘liked’ post, which shows her dancing tango, has 17.3 million likes.

Things we have learned From the Queen

As a touring singer, Selena Gomez’s Instagram gives her followers a fascinating view into the life of a world-famous pop star. A quick look at her posts shows a fascinating mix of images and videos. Some beautiful selfies, along with professionally shot tour images and meetings with fans, are the most recent posts on her profile. Through all these posts, she retains a consistent theme, the life of a singer. Not a single post in the last 6 months has deviated from this theme. Her followers know that each day they will be treated to new behind the scenes from her tour, and have checked in diligently for their daily Selena dosage.

Post Amazing Content

The most obvious way to getting more instagram likes is to post amazing content. There is really no match for high-quality images, and posting low-res ones will not gather much engagement.

Try Subject based Posts (Themes!)

Like Selena, you can also pick a theme that fits your niche and post related content. Your interested followers will surely follow you to keep up with your newer posts and like your stuff to encourage regular fresh posts.

Make the captions tell your story

An image is worth a thousand words, but this is no excuse to skimp on words. Tell the story of your post in the caption; your followers will be all the wiser for it.

Ingenious Hashtags

Including Hashtags improves the viewing chances of your posts, thereby improving its chances of getting more Instagram likes and followers for you. But at the same time, try to avoid overdoing it while using hashtags. 5 to 10 hashtags is usually enough.

Post frequently without fail

After using hashtags to bring new followers, it is up to you to keep them interested and coming back. Posting frequently is a sure way to bring in more likes and keep audiences engaged in your profile.

Engage your followers

Done with posting new stuff for the day? Now is the time to go over the most recent comments & likes. Answer the most interesting comments and give simple thanks for the rest. Check your new likes and followers and respond by liking their images of even following them back.

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