How to create an Instagram business profile

how to create a business Instagram profile
By James |

Starting a new Instagram account for your business or simply looking to upgrade your current account to an Instagram business profile?

Instagram have launched a brand new feature allowing users to upgrade freely and turn their existing account into a business profile, bringing with it a great set of tools to help you grow your brand.

What exactly is an Instagram business profile?

Business profiles are offered via the Instagram app as a free feature for all public users willing to be shown as a business on the app. Business profiles feature additional support for businesses by granting them access to some new features such as ‘Insights’ and ‘Promote’. It also provides a number of options for customers to get in touch with the business directly, without having to leave the app.

How to create an Instagram account for your business

Changing your personal profile into a business Instagram is actually quite easy. Here’s a step by step guide.

1. If you have a private profile on Instagram, change your profile status to public.

2. Tap the profile button to open your profile, then tap the options button to reach the settings menu.

3. Under account settings, tap the private account button to make it public.

4. Then under the account settings is also the option ‘Switch to Business Profile’, tap it to begin.

5. Once on the ‘Connect your Facebook page’ screen, select the Facebook page you’d like to associate it with. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to create one to connect it to before continuing.

6. When you’re done you will be sent back to the ‘Set up Your Business Profile’ page. Here, add your phone number, email, and location so that your customers can get in touch with you easily.

Now that you’re done setting up your business profile, you can access all the new features Instagram offers its Business users.

Using Instagram for your business

Get discovered easily

Now your customers will have the ease of contacting you directly via a call, email and get direction button they can find on your profile. No need to reroute via the website link in your bio, you will be found with no trouble directly from your feed.

Find Insights into your following with analytics

Instagram Business profiles offer analytics support to its users. Here you can find out how your posts are performing individually, as well as location and gender demographics, plus a few more interesting statistics. While it is not as comprehensive as a fully outfitted analytic tool, it still gives all the necessary information to give you a better understanding of your following.

Promotion via ads

Now that you know how to make a business Instagram, you can run advertisements. Just select any post you want to run as your ad, and select the promote option for it. Whilst this can be a good way for larger brands, smaller brands may find it to be too expensive.

The ads that you choose to promote get featured in the Instagram feeds of users that you have chosen as your target audience.

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