How to cross promote your Instagram account

how to promote your instagram account
By James |

Having a great Instagram page is always going to help you grow a solid following regardless of your niche or interests, but that is really just the foundation of realizing the true potential of your account. Cross promoting your Instagram account on other social media networks can be a great way to gain that extra exposure and really see your hard work pay off with a loyal and desirable following.

Here’s a few tips to help put you on the map

Add your @username to images you post on other networks

Adding your username to posts just provides one more way for people to discover what you have to offer. Not everyone will visit based on this alone or even take notice, but for every user that does it’s just one more door opened. By creating a bridge between a nice Facebook post, and a great Instagram page your creating your own interlaced network. This approach can also be used to promote your Facebook account via your Instagram page, so let them feed off each other and do the work for you!

Link directly to your Instagram from other platforms

Direct linking from anywhere you frequent can be a useful strategy. Be sure to post your @username where ever you know it will be seen. Blogs, forums, related discussions and all forms of social media will be sure to have more traffic headed your direction. Remember, traffic converts to interest and interest converts to followers.

Add social media links to your Facebook about section

Much like your Instagram Bio section, Facebook also provides you with some valuable advertising space to generate more traffic to your Instagram page and attract real followers. The added value here is that Facebook users are very big on sharing what they like, to everyone they know. Even if it’s just your personal Facebook account and your business Instagram account, don’t be afraid of getting the word out amongst your own circle of friends (often they’ll promote you without needing a nudge).

Additional tips

If you’re running a business there’s every chance you’re also sending a lot of emails, or perhaps even meeting clients face to face as well. It’s quite common these days to see people using up a little space to drop their social media details in the footer of their business email template or even on a business card.

Following these simple steps can give you that extra push you’re looking for. At the end of the day, you put a lot of time and effort into getting your page looking nice and the more people it reaches, the more you’ll thrive. So why wouldn’t you want to cross promote your Instagram account on other social media networks?

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