How to get followers on instagram free and fast

how to get followers on instagram free and fast
By James |

If you’ve just started Instagram and are struggling to grow your following, look no further as we have put together this article for people just like you, trying to learn how to get more followers on Instagram for free.

Make sure to have a public profile

By default Instagram sets all profiles to public, meaning anyone can follow you, or view any of your photos. They can also browse your followers and following lists.

If you have changed your profile to private so your boss can’t see what your doing on your sick day you’re going to have to change it back. If it’s something that you can’t do, make another profile that you’re happy having set to public.

If you can’t find out how to change it, here’s how:

– Go to your profile page
– Tap the settings button (looks like a cog)
– Scroll down until you see ‘Private account’ and flip the switch to turn it off.

Having your profile set to public gives potential followers a chance to browse through your profile to see if they like the type of images your posting, before hitting the follow button. A lot of people won’t bother following a private account unless they know them personally or have heard of them via word of mouth.

Liking images under a hashtag related to your niche

If you have some spare time, you can manually like images in the hundreds to try and generate some follow back attention.

First off you should find hashtags that are related to your page, this way the people you target will have a higher chance of liking back or following you.

Here’s an example list of hashtags and the amount of images posted under them found on These would be useful hashtags for anyone in the fitness industry:

#fitnessgirl – 3.724M
#fitnessfreak – 3.493M
#fitnesslifestyle – 3.458M
#fitnessgoals – 1.591M
#myfitnesspal – 943.4K
#fitnessinspiration – 926.1K
#instagramfitness – 2.170M
#fitnessgear – 1.805M

Now that you have found your ideal hashtags, it’s time to start liking. View one of the hashtags and work your way through the list, filtering out and skipping any spammy posts you see as there’s no point liking a fake accounts image. If you wanted to make it more effective you could go to each posters profile and like 2-3 images of each person as this will help boost the % of people that will engage back with you.

You can repeat the process over and over during the day but try to limit it at around 1200 likes per day otherwise you could possibly be hit with a temporary limit on your liking function. Also, if you’re using an automation service I would not suggest doing it, as you will definitely go over your limit.

Using hashtags on your images

Another great way to get free likes and followers on Instagram is to use hashtags on your own posts. This Instantly puts your images in front of thousands of other people, and anyone searching for that specific hashtag will see your photo. Using popular hashtags with hundreds of thousands of images posted such as #instagram #fitness #photo will see any image you post into it fall out of sight pretty damn quickly, so using hashtags with a lower amount of images posted is typically a better solution to providing longevity and more interactions. You must also make sure the hashtag is related to the photo otherwise if someone browsing through that feed sees your photos that’s not related they will probably keep on scrolling as it’s not what they’re looking for.

How many hashtags should you use per post?

This really depends on personal preference, do you want to be seen as spammy by posting a ton of hashtags, or do you want to keep it nice and clean by just using a few or potentially just your own brand hashtags. There is a limit of 30 hashtags per image.


One little trick to consider, is that you can post your hashtags in a comment after you’ve posted your image. This method will still have your image display in the hashtag search results however after a few hours or a day once your image has dropped in the results you can delete your comment, making it look like you never used any at all. This will keep your posts looking clean for anyone viewing older photos, and entice them to follow.

Keeping a list of your most used hashtags in your notepad on your phone can be a handy little tip to saving some time, instead of having to type them in each time.

Use an Instagram analytics tool to research and find which hashtags would be best to use for your niche and also have a look at what your competitors are doing.

Send products to popular Instagrammers

If you’re serious about getting more Instagram followers and likes for free, then blogger(Instagrammer) outreach is a great way of boosting your engagement and reach. Basically it’s just sending your products to fellow Instagrammers in the hope that they post about it, and in turn showing it off to their following. There’s nothing better than word of mouth and when these larger accounts recommend your product, you can be sure of them coming and following your page.

This obviously only works if you’re a brand or company with something to sell, so technically it isn’t free but it will be a very small cost and you can probably use stock you already have on hand. There’s a few different methods of blogger outreach but here we’re talking about how to get free Instagram followers, so I’ll just stick with the free(ish) ones.

You must make sure you find influencers which you think would have a following that will be interested in your product or brand. Finding any old account with 20k followers and sending them product is not effective, make sure they’re right for your style!

Get in contact with influencers you find by direct message or even if you can find their email, that may be easier and try to strike up a friendship with them, which should be relatively easy because let’s face it; who doesn’t want free products?! Make a verbal agreement that if you send product to them, they can make a post on their Instagram account about it, and you’re set!

Not everyone you send product to will end up posting it, but even if you can get a few posts featured on others pages then it’s been worth it.

If selling a product offer a discount for following you

If you’re a company with a product to sell, an easy way to generate a few more free Instagram followers is to offer a discount, whether it be on your website or in your retail shop, for anyone that follows you on Instagram you’ll give them a coupon to get 5% off. This isn’t a very cost effective way of getting instagram followers however it does work, and it helps spread the word that you’re offering discounts for just a simple follow.

Link from your blog or website

A great way is to leverage your website or blog and turn your traffic into more free Instagram followers. If someone doesn’t bookmark your website it can be easily forgotten, so keep reminding them through the power of social media!

Adding a badge to your website

There’s hundreds of different options to adding a link to your Instagram profile from your site, here’s a couple of popular options;

Instagram Badges

– Login to Instagram
– Go to
– Select your badge size and style
– Copy the code they supply you with and post it onto your website, where you want the badge to show.

If you want to edit the badge to make it your own, you can also download the icon file from the same page and edit it, as long as you abide by Instagram terms.


If you log in to your wordpress and browse the plugins menu you’ll be sure to find one that you can use. A popularly used one is “Instagram feed WD” with over 40,000 downloads allowing you to display user or hashtag based feeds on your website. You will need to authenticate it with your Instagram profile as Instagram changed how they allow apps like this to use their platform.

Try to get featured on other people’s Instagram pages

If you’re wondering how to get more Instagram followers free, then this is a super easy way, as long as you have the content to back it up. If you’re a experienced photographer then this shouldn’t be a problem for you as people are always looking for accounts to feature.

If you want to be picky, which you should be then you’ll need to find accounts in your same niche. If you take outdoors photos then reaching out to a gym junkie is going to be a waste of time and you’ll receive next to no interactions.

You must make sure all of your photos are high def and original. Nobody will feature blurry photos.

When posting your own amazing images, you should tag some of the users you found previously in them in the hope that they’ll see the image and feature it however don’t go tagging them every post or they’ll probably end up blocking you!

Another great way is to do a feature for feature, meaning you feature someone else’s photos as long as they feature yours. This usually works when both users have a similar amount of followers.

This is just a few of our ideas on how to get followers on Instagram free and fast, stay tuned for more posts and tips to help you out. You can also find us through the social media buttons below 🙂

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