How to take great Instagram photos

How to take great Instagram photos
By James |

With over 500 million active Instagram users, it may seem impossible to get recognized for the work you put into making your account look nice. Have you ever looked at some accounts and wondered, “How come all of their photos look better than mine!?”. Well you’re not alone there, but it’s no accident that some content looks much better than the rest. Here’s some tips on how to take great Instagram photos!


You should always give some thought to this before posting anything, or even taking the photo itself. If you want people to fall in love with your page, you can’t just take snaps and hope for the best. Know what your subject is, and think about how you can portray this to your audience. Whilst there are certain kinds of images that people tend to love seeing, consider the fact that originality is a powerful tool. The best images are those which you have a passion for, not just what you believe others will like.

Choose your camera wisely

Naturally if you can get your hands on a professional camera it’s easy to take good Instagram photos. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go out and buy yourself the latest professional camera with all the extras, you’ll find that your iPhone will usually do the trick just fine. Whilst Instagram has it’s own camera feature, there are better options available to get your images looking great with minimal effort. The standard iPhone camera will allow you to use HDR mode and a superior zoom function to help you get the perfect shot, and also has an optional grid feature to assist you in getting your composition right. If you want to take it even one step further, there are a range of camera apps available to you in the app store which offer additional features to assist with both taking and editing photos with ease.

Check out some of these popular apps and see what best suits you


This versatile app is great for traditional photography. It combines camera, photo editor, filters and online sharing in the one place. It has many extra features such as flash, grid options and ability to lock white balance. You’ll also have access to 15 handy editing tools including cropping, exposure, saturation, sharpening, shadows, highlights and more. Once you’re happy you can share images straight to your social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook & twitter).

PS express

Photoshops app is known for being a fast and powerful tool. It includes all the basics along with some nice extras. Auto-fix is a one-touch feature which will adjust your contrast/exposure and white balance with 1 click. Other stand out features include blemish removal, borders, the ability to edit raw photos and 20 fun filters to play with. If you want to know how to take great Instagram photos, then this app is a must have!


Allows users to edit photos and layer filters to get the desired result by using swiping gestures relating to specific enhancements. Perfect your images and save filter history to easily apply to the same effects to your other photos. Other features include center focus, Frames and ability to resize photo (tilt-shift). This app will also allow you to share directly to your Instagram once you’ve got your snap looking nice.

Take plenty of photos

Once you’ve got everything ready to go, don’t just take the one photo and rely on editing to do the rest. Take as many shots as you need to until you’re happy with everything before moving on to editing. Try taking the same photo from different angles, use lighting to your advantage, and don’t be afraid to get a bit creative with it. Instead of always going for a symmetrical photo, try shifting your focal point off to the side and make use of what’s around the subject as well. Not only can this make your photo more interesting, but it can create space and give a professional appearance.

Upload your photos

Now that you know how to take great Instagram photos and have your ideal photo and played around with all of the editing features available to you, you should be ready to share your creation with the world. It’s likely this was the reason you went to all this effort in the first place!

We all have our favorite media outlets to reach out to the world, but the display can vary from one to another. If you want to get to most out of your hard work, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right size image before you upload anything. These display sizes and options for displaying images are forever changing with each platform as they update which can be quite regularly. Even within the one platform you may have several different ideal image sizes depending on where you’d like to place the photo. For example, your profile pictures, wall posts and wallpapers will each have recommended sizes. Apps like Instagram will display portrait and landscape images, however the preview size will always be square. You should consider that posting a landscape/portrait photo may cut the edges off your photo and lose it’s effect. If your images includes text, you’ll always want to make absolutely sure that no words are cut off!

Getting Recognition

The more Instagram followers you have, the more people likely to see you photo. You can further bolster your views by using relevant and popular hashtags which will spread the image to a wider audience, but be aware that tags will not be as effective over time. The more people who post with your hashtag, the further down the list your image will fall. If you want to create a giant list of hashtags for your post, it might be worth editing the post after some time to remove tags and therefore make it look cleaner, as if they were never there. Be sure to add a caption to the picture, and keep it short and sweet. If anyone does interact with your post, it’s also a nice touch to respond or acknowledge them in some way, as this may just result in a new friend or follower!


There are many ways to ensure you take better Instagram photos, and these are just some of the methods to which are at your disposal. Even with very minimal experience with photography, you can turn ordinary images into great Instagram photos. Remember, the better your Instagram photos, the more followers and engagement your page will gather.

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