Instagram tips for beginners

Instagram tips for beginners
By James |

Used for photo sharing, Instagram is one the most popular social media outlets. It is second only to Facebook and has been in fact owned by Facebook since 2012. If you are operating under the stigma ‘I don’t take many snaps, this app is not for me,’ you are missing out on a world of wonder, entertainment, and information. The good news for newbies is that getting started on Instagram is easy. It is graphic, it is instant, and it is very user-friendly.

Just about compatible with every smart-phone and tablet, Instagram is your instant companion to share precious moments with your friends and family or the whole wide world. Now that you’re sold on the idea of joining the Instagram train, let’s get started with our beginners guide to Instagram!

Getting started on Instagram

Getting started on Instagram is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Download the Instagram app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store or windows phone store.
2. Sign in using your Facebook account or Gmail account, and create your profile.
3. Start using the app!

You can post photos already present in the gallery or take new ones using the app camera! You can always change your profile info via edit option.

Now that we’re setup, lets find out how to get more followers on Instagram, as it’s no fun if you have nobody to share your content with!

Post interesting content

With over 500 million users sharing their stuff, make sure you don’t get lost in the pack. Try to post original content with interesting and fun twists.

– Colors are your friends! Colorful images get most views and likes
– Artsy black and white are also a welcome change but get redundant very quickly.
– Post images that generate emotions, like a smile, nostalgia, love, happiness, appreciation of life!
– Post images that make an impact

Not everything is for sharing

Do not share each and every image you capture.

– Do not post images with dull colors
– Try to load sharp and clear images and videos
– Do not share content that you deem too personal, instead use direct messaging to share with specific users

Use hashtags for more likes and follows

Hashtags are the perfect way to attract new viewers and the likes but you must only use hashtags relevant to your post.

– Do not overload with irrelevant hashtags
– Keep an eye on the latest trends to keep your followers engaged

How to use filters wisely

Decide upon the perfect image or video you want to share, and then enhance it using built-in filters. Keep in mind a few pointers when using filters.

– Experiment with different filters to find the perfect match, a single filter does not work every time.
– You can go crazy with filters once in a while, to not be too boring.
– Do not overdo.

Explore the world

Aside from sharing your own photos, you can explore other users’ photos as well.

– The main page of your app will show all the images shared by users you follow.
– You can view other users’ posts and latest hashtag trends in the ‘explore’ option. It features the most popular posts tailored according to your recent image views and likes, and users you follow.

Now that you’ve read our beginners guide and know how to use Instagram, it’s time to get out there and start posting!

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