Optimize your posting to get more Instagram followers

More Instagram followers
By James |

There’s actually quite a lot to think about it when it comes to running a successful Instagram account.

Posting high quality relevant images is of course the starting point, but to optimize each posts effectiveness you need to think beyond that. Getting more Instagram followers isn’t easy and that’s why you’ll need to use key features such as hashtags, captions, and posting at the right time of the day to get your numbers up.

I’ll go into some of the key things to keep in mind in some more detail below.

Image and video quality

As Instagram is a visual platform, its users invariably put high emphasis on quality of images and videos being posted. Even superstars like Jennifer Lopez have been ridiculed for posting low quality and blurry posts. Image sharpness is a cardinal feature, never to be compromised upon.

Clever hashtag use

Using appropriate and relevant hashtags is a tried and true way to increase the visibility of your content. Clever use of hashtags will ensure that your content does not get lost in the crowd. Using hashtags is the fastest way to have your posts seen by more users, which will lead to you getting more Instagram followers.

Timing your posts well

Posting content whilst the majority of your user base is online definitely improves the amount of impressions and engagement you receive. You can determine this using tools such as Instagram Insights.

Regulating post frequency

The overflow of branded posts can cause loss of interest in audiences and can be perceived as spammy, hence posting just frequently enough to keep the audience interested is better as you don’t want to lose more Instagram followers than your gaining. The relative frequency also ensures that just quality posts making it to the audiences, rather than forgettable sub-par content. The correct frequency to post differs greatly from account to account so experiment until you determine what works well for you.

Clever captions to capture attention

An image without a caption to go with it is like a cake without its cherry on top. An ingenious caption to go with a striking image holds the viewers attention, promoting likes and comments as a natural reaction.

Keep your audience engaged

Last but not least, once you have uploaded the perfect post, with the ideal caption, do not abandon it. Engage with its viewers via comments, prompt reactions from these comments. Try to build-up for the next post. In short, milk it for all its worth. You will be satisfactorily rewarded for all your effort.

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